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All industries are being impacted by digital, and will have to respond. This is going to move beyond the customer engagement level where it is today, into back office operations: Digital transformation of business operations is a clear priority for organisations entering the so called fourth industrial revolution.

This widely acknowledged industry trend is now emerging as standardised architectural frameworks which truly embrace modern ways of working, and a migration pathway from legacy systems to modular, cloud native IT components.

The Open Digital Framework (ODF) is one such framework being championed by the TM Forum. This is being designed with collaborative input from hundreds of leading industry players and build on decades of system standardisation work.

Reflows own evolutionary path has been deeply informed by work done by TMForum, and continued alignment to the emerging ODF is a key focus.

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Is this for my industry

Reflow is an operating system for seamless service delivery.

Reflow is engineered to automate service delivery operations and to ensure they are able to adapt and flow as a cohesive whole.

And because it is cloud native and low code, it is easy to configure and implement standardised process and information frameworks, or your own organisations proprietary process flows.

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High level solution

Achieving seamless service delivery in a changing, messy operating environment where both automated and manual tasks co-exist can only be achieved with operational systems which enable adaptation of service delivery operations to real world demands.

Reflow goes beyond the limits of traditional mechanistic process automation approaches by incorporating adaptive workflow structures and algorithmic intelligence. This means that process flows can adapt to exceptions, and skilled workers performing manual tasks are supported with task prioritisation and workload balancing to ensure optimised process flow throughput.

Reflow enables both automation and the unlocking of the productivity of knowledge and service workers doing the inevitable tasks which cannot be automated (yet).

Complex workflow

For when the exception is the rule

  • All of vanilla BPM

  • Automate tasks

  • Create complex workflow structures

  • Adjust workflow in real-time

Flow enabled

For enabling flow as a cohesive whole

  • All of complex workflow

  • Skilled worker capacity management

  • Intelligent task prioritisation

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